Work . Audio Visual

Never Know Better

Jordana Bragg


Never Know Better (1 minute 46 sec, Audio Visual, 2017)

In under two minutes Never Know Better, (2017) condenses three days of documentation during a 72 hour episode of acute insomnia. 

For this reason, the compilation makes both limited attempts and bold leaps at narrative construction in the editing process. There are no nights and the transitions between day and site are left unclear.

Opening in first person perspective furthered by abrupt quick cuts to black or ‘ blinks’,  it is established the artist is standing alone staring into the sun. From here ‘flashbacks’ begin an unsettling and unsound multiplicity: who ‘owns’ the narrative? Whose perspective is this?  And whether this is ‘real’ in ‘real-time’, remembered or imagined becomes anyone’s best guess. 

Never Know Better is estranged in its inevitable failure to capture something subconscious, the dangerous semi-cognitions of no sleep. Revealing itself over and over to be something similar to the state of dreaming within a dream, subtly concluding to be a work within itself having been written down and being read.