Damp Ocean Presents Warmhole

discord v. dissonance 
view v. self
leaking v. seeping 
under and behind and on top 
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The whole is warm
is safety what we need?
The layers that appear behind the mirror, and behind the body. The hologram that is made when you look into the world. The waves that rise and fall through the body, through the screen. Your reflection of yourself to yourself. Hide in the deep, hide in the shallow
Head back to the ocean mouth that you’ve known the longest
-any kind of mouth is fine
be mouthed n the world
oral exploration
oral patterning
be the flapping lip you want to see in the world
(For example, I walked down big wet stairs then drove up a hill in a car then walked down the other side then caught a bus, then had a piss then caught another bus all up through the widest part of this fish out of water island then got picked up in a car then into a house for a coffee and some toast then back in the car and into another house and then in a different car to a ferry and then out of the ferry and walk up the hill and get in another bus and then out of it and walk up a big steep hill and some more wet stairs to a wooden house and then finally out on the wet, green balcony of that house I saw the sweet sweet wet mouth I know most intimately into the ocean).
From a high-up cliff-space is fine
Or a concrete house
A concrete house does not stop the ocean breathing and rolling in.
A rock doesn't event stop a rain drop
This is a spell for how to progress around your own spinning circle.
Be the circle you want to see in the world.
What is it that you spin around? The machine you're making every day. The thread spun out of it.
Can you walk in your own spinning circle but be outside of your known patterns? y/n
Can you walk in your own spinning circle with absolute trust, but no expectation of its circleness? y/n
Or, try exhale with no expectation you will draw in oxygen on the inhale
~ xx


change your life in 16 days

 day 1: find a small stone

day 2: find a big stone

day 3: find a stick

day 4: play with the stick and stones for 15 minutes. arrange them together in as many different ways as you can. what are they doing? what are their personalities? how do they interact with each other? what are their roles? how do their forms, textures, colours, sizes, resemblences (ghosts), interact? who are they?

day 5: hold the scenario(s) you created yesterday in your mind for the day. how do they relate to your sense of meaning in the world. do you see those situations represented in the world elsewhere?

day 6: acknowledge every stone you see: size, shape, character.

day 7: acknowledge every stick you see

day 8: locate your life outside of time: what is the crux of your existence outside of or beneath your sense of progression, temporality, temporarity. 

day 9: locate your life outside of identity: what defines the situations that occur and recur in your life. how are they tied together? what patterns do they make, without your sense of self, right and wrong,  big and small (value, judgment) attached to them. 


day 10: work your way out of the hole. there's a big hole in the world. don't get stuck in it. taking one of your stones or stick with you, go for a walk in a green area. somewhere unpaved. using your internal compass, make your way around the area. feeling out the right way to go. your goal is to find a hole. it could be any hole. there are holes in everything; but you need to find the right hole for you. for you for the purpose of this exercise.

when you have found the hole: examine it. what does it feel like? what size is it? depth? shape? what does it represent to you? what's in it? put your stick or stone in it. sit by the hole for 5 minutes. 

day 11: acknowledge every hole you see: size, shape, depth, material, purpose, attitude. what are the holes we live amongst? physical holes, emotional holes, spirals, pits, suctions, consumptions. what is the hole that you fit into? hole that you're always being squeezed out of, or trying too hard to squeeze into. of all the holes you see, which suits you best, and why?

day 12: be a hole. everywhere you go, envision yourself as a hole in space. an empty space moving through and interacting with the world. what does a whole do in and to the world? how are people's interactions with a hole different than with a 'person'. every thought and feeling that comes into you falls into the hole. 

day 13: be in a hole. today you can just be your body, but it's the world that's empty. everywhere you go, envision the world and everything in it as a hole. everything is empty. open space. every movement is empty. what do you do with each of these spaces? what goes in each one? what belongs in each one? how are your interactions with all these holes different from with people,  actions and objects in the world?

 day 14: rhythmatising. this is a dance. you are exploring the alternations and undulations and waves and tides of the holes of your world. small and huge spaces, passages, allowance. The focus today is on how your body flows in and over the space of your life. the ongoing and repeating patterns of the body. dancing in and out of holes. dance yourself in and out of the hole in your life.

day 15: sharing: talk to people. tell them about the past 2 weeks and what it has been to you. this is more of an active engagement with that patterns and tools you've been exploring. when you give something to people to respond to, how does it change their shape? or the shape/s between you? how are their patterns moving up and around and against yours? how does what you say to them guide that flow?


day 16: sharing listen to people. this may be the most challenging part, and the culmination of all the previous exercises. to listen without guiding, without effecting, without pushing. what are other people really saying? what are they experiencing? what is their pace? is it about sticks? stones? holes? words? voices? bodies?


Welcome to the DIRT RESIDENCY PROJECT 2018  

Warmhole is a collaborative relational practice exercise between Max Trevor Thomas Edmond + Olivia Owens. 

July 4 - July 31

Who: Amorphous, open-source transpacific health and wellbeing partnership.

What: Developing devices for the opening of lost and future internal spaces.

Why: There are too many wholes where there should be holes.

When: Non-locality: cross ocean, timezone, culture, language, space; irl, url.

How: Publications, workshops, engagements, events, actions, roles, relationships, gestures. Returning theory back to practice. Book back into world. Self back into body. Body back into world. Thought back into self. Movement between bodies. Decentralise. Produce. Hold and expand space for/by/as practice. 



infinite mapcore


mapping bodies


internal space as the object of development. object of goal making. the product is only a tool in the service of forming internal space. experience can be build on any object, and is. so fixation on particular objects/tools, iphone, book/author, instagram, celebrity, is arbitrary and unnecessary. experience can be found anywhere. but there's a bureaucracy of experience: right and wrong experience; rules of connectivity and meaning. angels and demons. 


exercise: singing into internal space

sit in a room alone (easiest) or with others if that works for you. be relatively quiet. have a look inside yourself, into your internal space. envision it as empty. empty body. then: what's in there? what does it look/feel/sound like? is it like a cave, treehut, penthouse, motel, car, etc.

now give it a little sing. humming or whistling is fine. start with a few tests and warmups. hmm-hmmmmm-hm-hmmmm etc. and see what comes from that.

how does the sound echo through your inside? what do the 'shapes' inside you do? what is illuminated? see what comes back to you from inside. then, sing back to it. does it change how you approach it of feel out the sound? what is happening in between the sound of your voice, and the inner, intangible 'sound'?


question: who is the community? who is around you? who do you see? who do you like? who do you hate? why? what are the people doing? what are the shapes, patterns, structures and systems, that build up between them? what is the world you are all creating together? what would a baby see when thrown into that machine? are you proud of your community? are you proud of yourself within that community? are you confident? jealous? afraid? aggressive? what does that space make of you?


community body


exercise: collecting sticks. see a stick you like? pick it up! too big? too annoying to carry round or take home? put it in your memory. why do you like it? what does it mean to you? a lot of people collect sticks. why? what are they?

see something you like? is it a stick? why/why not? what can you see of your preference in sticks, in the other things you like? pick it up. or, if you can't take it: too big, too expensive, don't need it etc., just put it in your memory. everyone has a big internal register. you can keep anything you want.




these techniques can be applied to how you take action and make decision in your life. the way this information comes into you, is interwoven with clues about how you are understanding things, and what you need or don't need, in your life. it only takes a small amount of looking into things to gather meaning from them. less contemplation is often best though. just have a small conversation with yourself; don't try to control its direction too much. what does this mean? [wait for response] ~ why? [wait for response] ~ who or what does it remind me of ~~~ why? etc.



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