PMT (Ngati Kahungungu & Atihaunui-a-Paparangi #manamotuhake #akeakeake), lives in R'dam NL.

welcome to the party wassup its piu!











this youtube playlist i think shows my process ? like,the dive bar that mystery-myth meets normal-life at for beers at 2 am. how does the environment ur in reflect where ur head is at? is ufology a non-traditional knowledge system? i dont have any answers tho hah ;) i guess i work alot with whatever is around me. like finding footage in the gallery on my phone. its the intersection between god and me - what is around me how does it relate to the macro & micro universes. the interaction between my computer and me how certain pixels in a certain screenshot are shaded and what is paint's reaction to me using fill. and with other more intelligent programs to. like in  the spiral play list below - the first one i made, but the other  4 are all related through youtube's suggested function. after all the searching i've done i feel like youtube knows the research for my practice better than i do, and im super into it.

one spiral
spiral 2
spiral 3

im not a professional 

"associate professor" use any images as desktop backgrounds thanks ty

Im thinking a lot about the ocean there is so much water here everywhere is water most of this place is below sealevel  so many ducks its so hot here the water is always glistening
feel free to use the images i've made as your desktop backgrounds, im like, 1000% sure thats my art practice now : making desktop backgrounds hahahahaha love it lmao

a poem : tides rise and fall, this is natural.

promo image from a 2016 test performance about time, i pretty much like just asked people to consult the oracle (me) and then asked them what time means to them. who can predict the future when it doesn't even exist ?? ifs time's relative, where does that leave us? somewhere pretty buzzy imo lmao
" when the image for html tute by the dirt tech is flawless " = A+
KIA ORA TAATOU NAU MAI HAERE MAI KI OKU MAHI <3 This is like a mood board i guess, i dont often make like, static images, or if i do its usually screenshots of recorded video. Im real into the 3D modelling stuff that Halszka did, i find it really visually appealing, but i lack the technical skills, so im using like glitter text generators and paint lmao. Fun tho messing about. <3 piu

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